Transitional Housing

The Meath Women’s Refuge (MWR) housing project provides transitional housing for up to two years to women who are ready to move out of the Refuge and to start a new life.

It was formed in partnership with Sonas Housing Association, whose primary purpose is providing housing to women in domestic violence situations. This project is unique in that it provides the clients with a myriad of support services to help them acquire the skills necessary to manage themselves as well as a home.

MWR has four housing units: 2 two bedroom and 2 three bedroom. A MWR support worker works closely with the women, giving them support according to their needs, which can range from education and employment to parenting, counselling and money management. The aim is to provide the women and children with the necessary skills to stay safe and to adapt to challenges faced when moving on to independent living.

To date all the families who used the service have secured permanent housing through various means; some have purchased their own homes while others have secured housing from Meath County Council, with whom we have a close working relationship. Meath County Council have fully supported this housing project and are committed to providing tenants with permanent housing within two years of commencing their tenancy with the service.