Message from the Manager, Deirdre Murphy

Meath Womens Refuge and Support Services (MWRSS) was established to provide information, crisis accommodation, counselling, outreach support, and transitional housing to women and their children who are experiencing all forms of abuse (click HERE to go to our Services Page).

We strive to provide our clients with a  safe, caring and non-judgemental environment, regardless of their economic, social or cultural background.

This website is designed to provide general information on our services and on our much needed fundraising activities.

If you are experiencing abuse, you don't need to suffer in silence - call our Confidential 24 hour Help Line on 046 9022393.

With cutbacks and increased demands for our services the Refuge appreciates any donations from the public or businesses.

Please click on the Donate Icon for more information on how to donate. Thank you.

Deirdre Murphy

For further information contact us on 046 9022393
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Meath Women's Refuge is a company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity

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We need your help right now to continue providing much needed refuge and support services to women and children when they are at their most vulnerable.

You can make the difference in the lives of these women and children.

Help us to continue to provide a safe environment for women and children in crisis. Please make a donation to the Meath Womens Refuge and Support Services.

Please call us on 046 9022393 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use our inquiry form and we will provide the necessary details.

Our Aims at the Meath Refuge

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What is domestic abuse?

What is domestic abuse?

  • Domestic abuse is the emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse of a person with a close or intimate adult relationship.

  • Domestic abuse also includes social isolation, ridicule, intimidation, manipulation, financial control and deprivation.

  • Domestic abuse is not confined to marriage, but may occur in any type of close adult relationships including other partnerships, families or households.

  • Domestic abuse is a crime, which occurs in every class, income level, culture and educational background.

  • Domestic abuse is a pattern of power and control by one person against another, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife or family member; it includes physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, social and economic abuse.

  • Domestic abuse is the threat of physical violence even though no actual physical violence has occurred.

You do have recourse to legal protection if you are in an abusive relationship (click here for more information on your legal options)







Are you in an abusive relationship?


  • Are you afraid of your partner?
  • Are they physically violent to you - grabbing or pushing you?
  • Do they insult you and belittle you?
  • Do you get blamed for everything?
  • Do you have no control over your own money or the family’s finances?
  • Do they tell you who you can be friends with?
  • Are they extremely jealous and possessive?
  • Have you given up important activities or people in your life in order to keep them happy?
  • Do they make you do anything against your will?

    Talk to someone about your situation, our 24hr helpline number is (046) 9022393